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A List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College

The difficult part of finding a topic for Compare and Contrast Essays is finding two people, objects or occurrences that are both different and similar at the same time. Here is a list of some great compare and contrast essay topics for college:

  1. Compare and contrast the life and times of Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler, war time leaders. What legacies have their leaderships left for their countries and for the rest of the world?
  2. Compare and contrast the effects of Hurricane Katrina and the great Tsunami of 2004 on their respective regions. Could the governments of the time have handled the aftermath of the disasters better? How?
  3. Compare and contrast the benefits of newspapers and online news sources. How has the advent of the internet helped destabilize the print news industry?
  4. Compare and contrast the role of monetary versus fiscal policy in the shaping of an economy. How much control should be exercised on either of the policies by the government?
  5. Compare and contrast the role of the world’s leading nations in the emergence of the Middle East as the world’s most troubled region. What could have been done differently to prevent the current scenario?
  6. Compare and contrast the roles played by the public and private sectors in the development of an economy. Can the concept of public-private partnerships better serve a country?
  7. Compare and contrast the role of a “Coach” with that of a soccer style “Manager” for a sports team. Which is the more successful style?
  8. Compare and contrast the usefulness of laptops versus handheld devices for the business enterprise. Which is the longer term information technology and computing solution for a business?
  9. Compare and contrast the roles played by e-commerce and traditional distribution channels. Is there space for both in the future?
  10. Compare and contrast the Parliamentary and Presidential systems of government. Which is more successful and are they suited for all countries?
  11. Compare and contrast the roles of developed and developing countries in the prevention of further environmental pollution.
  12. Compare and contrast the roles played by the car manufacturing and power generation industries in developing green technologies for the future of the environment.
  13. Compare and contrast the challenges of maintaining a freshwater aquarium versus a saltwater aquarium. Which is the more expensive hobby to have?
  14. Compare and contrast the virtues of the various smartphone operating systems.
  15. Compare and contrast a dissertation and a thesis. What are the differences?

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