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Writing Tips For Beginners: How To Create An Excellent Essay Body Paragraph

Beginner writers often have difficulties when composing essay body paragraphs. It may be complicated to explain, argue, and support your ideas, so some great tips are useful even if you have a detailed outline and a sample. However, if you feel lost, you should consult your instructor before you start the writing process. The following guidelines are created for beginners who want to improve their writing skills and compose excellent body paragraphs.

How to Write Essay Body Paragraphs: General Tips

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that each essay paragraph should present a single main point with supporting evidence. A typical paragraph’s structure is the following:

  1. A topic sentence. You should compose a sentence that introduces the key statement that you are going to write about further. Answer the question what this piece of writing is about.
  2. Supporting ideas. Usually, it is fine to provide two or three details that illustrate your point, including facts, statistics, or an expert’s opinion. Use quotations if appropriate.
  3. Your explanation. Your task is also to explain how the provided evidence is relevant to the described key thought, e.g. elaborate each point rather than simply mention it.
  4. A summary sentence. Sometimes, it is a good idea to conclude each paragraph with a summary sentence instead of a transition sentence. Keep the readers on track with your ideas.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes: Vital Advice

Students often make common mistakes in their essay body paragraphs. Following the advice below will help you avoid them and get a higher grade. First, do not write too long pieces of writing. It is recommended that an academic paragraph is three-five sentences long. Although it can still be longer, you must ensure that it is reader-friendly and to the point.

Second, use various evidence, such as published research, facts, expert opinions, and statistical data. These supporting details should be carefully selected and properly credited or else you may be accused of plagiarism. You should also demonstrate your own position and separate it from the borrowed ideas.

Third, do not write each body paragraph in isolation. Your essay should flow, so you should connect the ideas between the paragraphs. By doing so, you will show the focus of your writing while explaining how all the points fit together. Sometimes, it is hard to compose effective transitions, so you can find a list of sample transition words and phrases to use them in your paper.

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