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Academic Writing Strategies For Writing A Descriptive Essay About A Person

Some may find writing a descriptive essay on a person can be difficult for some and easy for others. It is all on how you do your essay. When you are doing a descriptive essay on a person there are a few ways that you can approach the subject. Each way is a good one but some are a little more hands on than the others.

Writing Strategies

  • If you are doing your descriptive essay on someone you know or someone you could get in touch with then you can interview the person for your essay. Interview a person, while not always possible but it can be a great way to get really good information on the person.

  • Doing a descriptive essay on the famous person is easy because there is a vast amount of information online and at the library. Do all of your research before you start your essay.

  • Another kind of descriptive essay on a person that some teachers like to assign is one where they students have to write a descriptive essay on a fictional character that they made up themselves. This is a fun way to write a descriptive essay.

  • When you are writing a descriptive essay, you want to use all of the five senses to describe the person. You want to put as much description in your essay as possible because that is what a descriptive essay is supposed to be.

  • A good way to get some good descriptions about your person is to sit down and make a list of different ways you can describe that person. You can do it by the senses or just a general list. This will give you some good descriptions for your essay.

  • Before you write your descriptive essay, make an outline to see how your essay will sound. This will help you see anything that might be boring or where you can improve your essay.

  • Follow the instructions that you were given for your descriptive essay and write your essay. After you are done writing it read over it and see if you could add or subtract anything to make the essay better.

  • After you have working on the structure of the essay, now you can fix any other errors that might be lurking in your essay. Fixing all of the mistakes will make your essay easier to read and follow.

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