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A Quick Guide On How To Construct A Good Essay Outline


To write an essay that will earn an excellent grade, you should create its outline first. This will help you structure your paper properly and won’t let you forget to include some important details in your text. To outline your paper correctly, you should follow the tips given below.

How to Outline Your Paper

  1. Choose your style.
  2. Select an outline structure that will be more comfortable for you to work with. The most used styles are alphanumeric and decimal. An alphanumeric style implies using Roman numerals to mark major headings and sections and capitalized letters to mark primary points within major sections. A decimal style implies using such markers as 1.0, 2.3, 3.1, and so on.

  3. Outline the introduction.
  4. The first section of your paper should start with a hook. This is a sentence that contains a fact, quotation, provocative question or anything else that draws the attention of the reader to your topic. Then, you should provide the reader with basic information about your topic. At the end, you should indicate specific questions that you’re going to answer in your essay.

  5. Outline the body.
  6. This section should be much bigger than any other section. It should consist of at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should introduce a separate point defending your main idea. Make sure to support each point with strong evidence gathered during your research.

  7. Outline the conclusion.
  8. The last paragraph should remind the reader of everything they’ve just read. Summarize your points and convey your final message that indicates the importance of your work. You may also inform the reader about several ways to continue your study.

Writing Your Paper

Compose your essay following your outline. However, you may deviate a little from your initial outline in the writing process if you think that this will positively affect your text. Based on the fact that your audience is likely to consist of your teacher and classmates, use simple and understandable language that won’t distract the reader from the actual contents of your paper. Revise your text several times to get rid of mistakes and weak spots.

Getting Help with Writing Your Paper

If you think that your writing skills aren’t good enough, you should improve them. Attend local academic centers to take courses in writing essays and other papers. You may also hire a professional tutor who will teach you advanced writing techniques that will allow you to make your texts more attention-grabbing and readable.

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