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General Advice On Writing A Nursing Reflective Essay

Nursing is not just a platform for observing patients or spending the whole day in hospital. It is rather a field with diverse disciplines and therefore, reflective essay writing is one of the most frequent ones. In this article, you will find significant advice on how to craft a spectacular reflective essay. However, if you already have the knowledge, this will form a good revision basis.

  • Examine the essay question
  • This involves identification of the event or the experience on which you will contemplate. Draft a summary of your experience in the nursing field. If you do not comprehend it, ask for clarification from your lecturer or any other experienced person.

  • Pause questions to yourself to guide your response
  • If you do not have a way of gauging your own feelings or you do not know how to respond to them, it is advisable that you ask yourself questions about your experiences in nursing and how they relate to you. Leave out the facts but pay attention to your comprehension in responding to the questions.

  • Read the marking criteria
  • Before you start writing opinions on your thesis, you should study and familiarize yourself with the marking criteria. This will aid you in identifying the important points to include in your essay.

  • Conduct a research
  • Before you write the essay, dig into the experience you want to focus on. This means that you explore the available resources such as nursing books, magazines and online websites and down the central points that will form the basis of your experience.

  • Back up your ideas
  • For every idea you jot down in the body of your text, remember to provide sufficient evidence with relevant examples from your own comprehension. It is also crucial to relate your experiences with the nursing literature. This will make your reflective essay more reliable.

  • Make notes on how you will connect your theory to practice
  • Since a reflective essay is more of critical thinking where you will write down your thoughts, experience or feelings about a certain theme in nursing, it is necessary to relate it with the real practical part of it.

  • Write a catchy introduction
  • This is a crucial part of the essay that will actuate the reader to go along with reading the rest of the work. Employ the use of moving phrases that clearly review what the main content entails.

  • Proofread your work
  • This is essential to ensure presentation of error-free work for marking. Simple errors can alter the meaning of your work.

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