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Expository Essay Topics: 19 Ideas You Cannot Miss

An expository essay is the one, through which you can explain something. With the help of this type of essay you can write about the main objective of the topic, you can explain how you will define it, how will you do it. You can also include the history of the topic and also the causes and effects of it. You don’t have to write in such a manner that your essay become dry and lacks interests.

So always select a topic of your own preference. Write about something which you know well. Through this, you can make your writing rich in unusual information and humour. Before you begin to write, always try to prepare a pre-working sheet which will help you while writing. It will guide you throughout your work. Always proof-read your work to avoid unwanted silly mistakes.

Following are some ideas, which you should not miss during your work:

  • Describe the necessary requirements to major in the subjects like Fashion Designing, Aviation, etc.
  • How to stay healthy in this era of junk food?
  • Why everyone should select some unpopular sports also, beside cricket and football?
  • Write about the history of your college? How does it have changed during these years?
  • What is the procedure to join the military service of your country? Write about its necessity.
  • What are the ways to help your friend to recover from his suicidal tendencies?
  • How the scholarship given by your school does help the students in their higher studies?
  • Write about some memorable event of your school which you have enjoyed a lot.
  • Write about the most important person of your nation.
  • The measures we should take to avoid global warming. Describe its causes and effects.
  • Health insurance is essential for everyone or not?
  • What do you think about the tendency to break the law by the juveniles?
  • Write about the advantages and disadvantages of the addiction towards the social networking sites.
  • How does the internet help us to get update ourselves?
  • The person whom you admire the most.
  • Describe your favourite place for a weekend trip.
  • If you can change something in this world. Then what it would be?
  • Do anti-ageing creams actually help to stay young? What do you think?
  • In this time of advancement, do you think that learning a foreign language is important?

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