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6 Main Rules For Writing An Excellent School Essay About Global Warming

Preparing an excellent school essay requires using various writing techniques and choosing an interesting study focus. If you have been assigned a paper about global warming, you need to discuss the burning issues that this topic raises. The following 6 main rules are designed to help you avoid common mistakes and get a high grade:

  1. Compose a precise study topic.
  2. It is necessary to narrow down the topic or else you won’t be able to cover too much in a short essay. The subject matter is broad, so it can be examined from different angles. For instance, you can focus on the greenhouse effect, write about the mechanism of action to prevent the rise of the sea level, or determine the main causes of the temperature rise.

  3. Learn more about the chosen topic.
  4. There are many sources of information that you can look through. However, you should keep your goal in mind or else you can run out of time just with literature research alone. It is recommended to select up to ten literature sources, get new data, and find expert opinions. Remember to note the information required for composing the bibliography.

  5. Create a list of ideas for your paper.
  6. After you have completed the research topic, you should brainstorm the ideas that you will unwrap in the assignment. You can create a mind map with the major point in the center. Try to come up with original thoughts, organize them in a logical manner, and use new facts and evidence to support your position.

  7. Write a solid thesis statement.
  8. You should spend some time crafting your main statement. A powerful statement typically incorporates several ideas within a single extended sentence. Since the global warming is a pressing issue, this sentence should catch the attention of the readers and come across as challenging.

  9. Structure your assignment.
  10. Your paper should include five paragraphs. The first one is a catchy introduction that explains what global warming is and why the problem is serious. Tree body paragraphs should put forward your arguments supported by solid data and evidence. The last paragraph should conclude the essay by going back to the thesis and summarizing the key points.

  11. Use the following simple tips.
  12. Some simple tips can improve your work significantly. For instance, try to keep your writing short but informative, make your last paragraph call to action, and remember to compose a list of references. If appropriate, you can explain why being eco-friendly is important to you and how people’s choices influence the climate change on the planet.

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