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A Comprehensive Tutorial On Writing An Essay On The Kite Runner

You are getting ready to write an essay on the Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini’s first novel. The story is based on the people of Kabul who had to grapple with the 1981 invasion by Russia. It also sheds light on the atrocities committed by the Taliban militants. In order for you to write an excellent paper based on this novel, you need to know certain things about this great work of Hosseini. Here is a comprehensive tutorial to help you write your academic paper on the Kite Runner:

  • Idea No. 1: You can concentrate on Dawood Khan, the tyrant leader who wedged his iron rod on Kabul as he reigned. His autocracy was so severe that even the Kabul’s harvesting period was adversely affected. The pathetic events that took place between 1973 and 1981 should also be highlighted.
  • Idea No. 2: You can also base your essay on the atrocious acts of Assef. You can also highlight the responsibility that falls on Amir as far as rescuing Sohrab is concerned. In order to make your paper outstanding, you should maintain proper visualization of the characters.
  • Idea No. 3: Carry out proper research as to the political turmoil that enveloped Kabul from the 70’s to the 80’s. In order to create more effect, you can concentrate on a particular insurgency period, making sure to create a descriptive scenario of the period.
  • Idea No. 4: Another option is to write about life in Kabul after the Russian invasion. Apart from having read the novel, you can also carry out further researches to help you compose a very interesting essay on the Kite Runner. What were the impacts of the Russian invasion? How was the situation of things in Kabul after the troops left? Did the reign of the Taliban militants make things worse? With a few quotes from the Kite Runner, you can make your paper as authoritative as possible.

These are some of the ideas to help you create your academic paper on the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Apart from the ideas listed above, you should also try to understand Hosseini’s style of writing. With this understanding, it would not be difficult for you to completely write an interesting masterpiece that clearly depicts Hosseini’s work. Remember, the main objective of the novel is towards achieving tranquility in Kabul and as such, your essay should visualize this too.

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