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Written by Mary Shelley of English decent, Frankenstein is a novel about eccentric scientist, Victor Frankenstein who made a ridiculous yet a sensitive creation in an unconventional scientific study. Dated back during the 1816 summer, a young and well-educated woman from England went on a journey to the Swiss Alps with her lover. They were trapped inside their lodging places due to unseasonable rain. This turned out to be a great opportunity for them to read ghost stories. Through the influence of Lord Byron a neighbor and a friend, they competed to find out who would come up with the best ghost story. The prize went to the Mary Wollstonecraft, the young woman who composed a story that was scary enough to take its place along with the old German tales that she had been reading with her Alpine companions and again became a bestseller during her time and a supernatural classic that also resonates with the audience almost two centuries down the line.

Mary Shelley expressed very important themes in Frankenstein and one of them was about Feminism. She wrote the work during a time when women were getting a voice in the community. The reflection on the subject of feminism through the author based on the individual life is very evident in this famous horrific novel. The female characters in the novel were merely propos and accents to mold the characters of their male counterparts throughout the novel. In essence, the female figures are a major interest of study. The male figures considered the female beings as child bearers and mere caterers with a duty of watching over the homes. The roles given to the women in Frankenstein match well with the roles women took during the time when Shelley lived. Basically, the topic of feminism in the novel reflects the life of the author.

Frankenstein is a novel that has survived generations to this date. Its horrific nature and quality of content made it a bestseller and renowned piece that has won the attention of many. It highlights the conventional belief that men are superior to women. It is one of the subjects used to develop the story and plot in the novel. Being the daughter of a feminist writer, Mary had a well-founded influence on the subject despite growing up without a female character since her mother died during her birth. Therefore, the novel is the epitome of Shelley’s resentment towards her dead mother and the absence of a mother figure in her life.

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