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East V.S. West

East V.S. West is a game that was set in the years between the 1946 and the 1991. It was referred to as “A Heart of Iron Game,” and was before the cold war. It hard predecessors that were common before it came into being. The game had many features. Its set up was designed to allow the played to control all aspects of a country in a war. The aspects that a player could manage include espionage, military, economical, diplomatic, technological and political. This was a game that allowed countries to simulate different models that would work for their countries in case of war. It was a game that allowed various aspects to be controlled one at a time and observe the results before adjusting other aspects to note the results and how they work. This latest version of the Hearts of Iron Series allowed for large scale simulation, unlike the prior versions. It gave options for the player to use nuclear bombs but only under certain circumstances. You were only allowed to use nuclear when your state was in a state of emergency.

Effects of the Second World War

As discussed earlier, the game allowed the player to control various aspects so as to get the bet optimal results and in the case of large scale warfare. The Cold War was not an actual war but was a fight of ideas. Countries anticipated another war and each was preparing itself so as not to be caught unaware. Each country wanted to be better than their rivals, but none knew what the other was doing. Such games were a tool to help in a plan and understand how to manage resources. The game was had the following features.

Game Features

Use of spy cards; this was in line with the sputnik effect when Russia deployed a satellite to aid in communication and it was almost brought down because it was said to be spying what other nations were doing. The game also included the aspect of United Nations to intervene and offer aid in large global events. This is something that happens up to date, and UN has great authority in what goes on in the world and especially in cases of war and where environment is concerned. The nuclear arms and warfare was another interesting aspect. After the Second World War, many nations invested into research to help them get prepared in case of another war. They mainly did research on how to protect themselves from nuclear weapons and also fight their enemies.

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