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10 Fresh Ideas For Education Essay Topics For College Students

Writing about education topics in college may include reviewing concepts you have personal interest. You can determine ideas through brainstorming or by reviewing essay papers written by other students through academic paper databases online. Fresh ideas for education topics may include issues that are not explored too often or a latest development that may spark the interest of many others. Here are some potential ideas to consider that may spark an original idea of your own.

  1. Effective ways to encourage kids to go to school. An education essay can review ways kids can be encouraged to stay in school.
  2. Changes that need to take place in how bullying is handled. Why has bullying become a huge problem and what are effective ways of dealing with it?
  3. Are teachers earning enough to educate children? An education essay can review reasons why teachers may not be earning what others think they should.
  4. What are drawbacks to using technology advancements in schools? An education essay can review pros and cons of using advanced technology in school.
  5. What should students do when they don’t want to continue their education? What are things students should engage in if they don’t want to go to college after finishing high school?
  6. How to reduce high school dropout rates. An education essay can explore ways parents, teachers or school systems can encourage more students to stay in school.
  7. Should homework be eliminated? An education essay can look at reasons why homework assignments should be eliminated. This subject can be written from another perspective on why homework should not be banned.
  8. College should be free. Should students be responsible for paying for their college education? Should parents be responsible for saving up educational expenses for their child? What should happen if a student doesn’t finish school but their parents helped cover tuition?
  9. When parents are not involved in their child’s educational needs. An education essay can explore reasons why parents may not be involved in their child’s education needs. You can provide possible solutions to encourage parents to be more proactive.
  10. Are private schools better than public schools? Are more students attending private school than public school? What are ways to make public schools better for students? Can private schools be improved?

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