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How To Create A Strong College-Level Essay On Zombie Apocalypse

If you are tasked with writing an essay on the zombie apocalypse, you need to create a strong paper that fits all of your college level essay requirements.

  • Brainstorm a bit so that you can figure out what you know about your topic versus what you still need to know. This will help you to direct your research efforts in the most time efficient manner possible.
  • Create your thesis. You want to be able to synthesize your paint point into one sentence. You do not have to stick to it if it does not work verbatim; you can change it around as necessary.
  • Research your topic. Use all of your library resources to research your topic.
  • Have an outline. An outline is a great way to keep all of your thoughts organized, to stay on target, to play around with the order of your argument/presentation, and to make sure that all of the key headings you are introducing have adequate facts and evidence to back them up. Separate each of your key points from your notes and make sure you have enough evidence to support each point in your paper.
  • Write your introduction. Make sure you capture the attention of your reader and give them a road map into what else you are going to talk about during the course of the paper.
  • Always incorporate evidence in the right places and make sure that you have good evidence, but that you paraphrase where necessary. Quotes are acceptable, but you should never have more than 10% of your paper be made up of quotes. You can just as easily paraphrase what other authors have said. Change up your stance between quotes and paraphrasing and you will be able to make use of all of your different sources equally without seeming repetitive. Craft your conclusion. Anticipate the reader’s question of “So what?” by giving them purpose and closure.
  • Review the information you produce in your first draft after you have spent at least one full day away from it. You want time to clear your mind and to allow yourself to return to the first draft with a fresh perspective. At this point your first job is to review the essay for content and flow. You want to look at bigger picture information. Once that is done, you can review it based on the smaller errors like spelling or grammar.
  • Make sure that you cite all of your sources in whatever format is appropriate.

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