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How Do You Compose A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Great Gatsby?

Perhaps, writing a rhetorical analysis essay about Great Gatsby may be interesting to some and probably a bit challenging to others. This is one of the famous rags to riches stories that have been told several times. Needless to say, we all wish to come up with a sensible paper but admittedly, the process to do so isn’t as easy as ABC.

The one that studies how speakers as well as writers use words to persuade or influence the audience or readers is called rhetoric. So, when composing this type of paper, it is essential to break into parts the work of non-fiction and afterwards expound how these parts function together to come up with a specific effect- whether your objective is to inform, entertain or persuade.

Your work should delve into the rhetorician’s objectives, the methods used and examples of these methods as well as the efficiency of those methods. Take note that when composing such paper; you are not stating whether or not you acknowledge the argument. Here, you are explaining how the rhetorician formulates that argument and whether or not the technique used is effective.

Factors to consider in composing and arranging your rhetorical analysis essay about Great Gatsby:

It is imperative to arrange your ideas/thoughts in accordance to the suggestions mentioned above into a written discourse that contains an introduction, at least two up to three support paragraphs/evidence and lastly a conclusion.

  • Determine how the passage is arranged and then categorize this into various sections. These sections will figure out the focus of your support paragraphs.

  • Pick out the tone. Contemplate on the diverse emotions or attitudes which you can hear in the speaker’s words. In addition, each of the sections will contain a single or more tones. Usually, there is a tone shift between the sections of a passage.

  • Formulate your thesis. Consider how does the writer obtain his rhetorical objective?

  • Compose a subject matter for each body paragraph. Keep in mind that the topic sentence will discuss the main point and/or objective of the section of the passage and may comprise of tone/s words.

  • Figure out what techniques you shall analyze in each paragraph. Pick the techniques that you completely understand and the one which you can easily link to the main point or objective mentioned in your topic sentence.

  • Finally, it is essential to answer questions like who cares (to whom does this question matter?) and so what (why is this message valuable?) on the conclusion part.

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