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Composing An Outstanding Problem Solution Essay In Three Steps

I bet that there are many things that you want to change around you, but you never actually thought that you can do it. Well, maybe this is the time to analyze deeply some issues and write about them in your problem solution essay. You have the chance to find out a lot of new information and to share it with your classmates. If you follow these three easy steps, you will discover how easy it actually is to create an outstanding composition:

  1. Find the right topic. First of all, you should be passionate about the topic if you want to create a good text. Second, you need to make sure that your classmates will be interested to get solutions for this problem. There are many things to be solved, but not all of them are appealing for teenagers. If you want to get their attention, discuss about something that is connected to their life or that it affects them directly. Your school, your city or the way society looks at teenagers.

  2. Expose the problem correctly. How you do this makes the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding essay. You need to show the problem in a very clear way and, even more, to explain why the problem needs to be solved. Yes, all of them know that there are not schools in your area, but why is this actually important? Also, you have to explain why other solutions are not valuable. Take the most popular ones and try to apply them in an imaginary situation; will they work?

  3. Find solutions. For many students, this is the most difficult part. It will take a few good hours until you can find a few solutions that are actually applicable in this particular situation. You can get inspired from various sources if you can’t come up with a good idea, or you can improve one solution that was already proposed by someone. Either way, it is important to bring arguments, evidence, facts and so on to convince other people that your idea is good enough. After all this is done, you have to edit and proofread the entire essay. You don’t want to compromise all the work for a few grammar mistakes. If you want to be completely sure that there are no errors, you can ask for feedback from a classmate.

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