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10 Essential Rules Of Writing A Response To Literature Essay

Art is life and literature is the spice within it. Millions of students across the globe struggle with this subject but that is because many of them are either not aware of the most efficient ways to learn, or there is undue stress in the institutions. What are the ten essential rules of writing a response to literature essay? This is the question we will be exploring in the following sections:

  1. Read properly: Before you respond to a literature essay, ensure that you have taken your time to read the piece properly. Writing in literature is quite different from the usual and ordinary way of writing in other disciplines. In literature, just like in other fields of arts, everything is subject to all kinds of interpretation.
  2. Comprehend the piece: Reading is just one step. Having a proper understanding and comprehension is another thing entirely. The more comprehension you have about the piece, the better for you.
  3. Observe the style: Since your response to the essay is going to be a measure of the depth of your understanding of the piece itself, it is good for you to observe the style that has been used. By being able to do this and dissect the entire piece, you gain more control as far as understanding is concerned. This is a very pertinent step to take.
  4. Use correct citation: Academic writing is a specialist discipline. Do not mess it up by using the wrong style. There are rules of citation to be followed for instance; there are rules of grammar that apply everywhere and so many other rules that you have to adhere to when it comes to writing.
  5. Observe your flow: When you are writing, watch out for how coherent and sensible you are and make sure you are making a lot of sense not just to yourself but to whoever reads it.
  6. Consult with your tutors: This will help perfect your response.
  7. Read it to yourself: Once again, make sure it makes absolute sense to your ears.
  8. Check online: Just in case you need more academic resources.
  9. Proofread, proofread and proofread: It is never too much to do this.
  10. Read both works and compare: This gives a clearer picture to the entire exercise.

Now that you have all the hints and tips that can be of immense help to you with your writing go all the way!

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