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Choosing Unique Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

When you are given an argumentative essay as assignment in college, you should decide what to write about in the first place. You should use this degree of freedom in your own advantage, as there are quite a few topics in which you will excel. Below, we suggest some uncommon and outstanding headlines for your article.

  • Should they lower/rise the legal age in my country? This is one of the most controversial topics every teenagers would like to talk about. When you are close to the legal age, you wish time went by faster but it seems it does precisely the opposite. Is it a good idea to keep the legal age or should they change it? What are your arguments on this issue?
  • The hidden Mr. Hyde we have got inside. If Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde taught us something, it was the fact that we have got two faces. One is the one we show every day and the other one is our “dark side”. What do you think about this personal perspective? Do you believe that this is the correct way to see how our minds work?
  • The importance of being oneself in today’s society. Nowadays, we have such an intense influence from everywhere that it is hard to be completely original. What is your point of view in this regard? Do you think the media is sending us too much pressure in a regular basis? What about peer pressure?
  • Being successful is no longer enough. What people want is to grow up, get a good job and earn a lot of money. But, is it what makes us happy? Think about what you may have to do in order to be successful in your career; is it compatible with having a good life quality at every moment? Success by any means is not the best way to plan our future, right?
  • The saddest society in History of humankind. Today, there are more suicides in some countries of the first world than in the past. Why is this going on? We have got better life conditions than before but this issue remains, which means that people are not happy with their lives in a general basis. What is the solution to this serious issue? What are your arguments in favour and against this issue?

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