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Compositional Ideas For Your Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

While it is very true that doing an appropriate amount of research will help you to get good marks for your essay about teenage pregnancy, just with any piece of homework, dissertation or thesis, it is important to structure and compose your work well. These great compositional ideas will help you to create a great piece of writing and could even help you in a future freelance writing career!

Basic Structure

Most of us know that when you’re writing an essay, you should make sure that you have a good structure. You need:

  • An Introduction to introduce your topic or idea, in this case, teenage pregnancy
  • The main body of the works or dissertation, where you should expand on the introduction
  • A conclusion to wrap up your work and to offer a summary of the key points that you have made about teenage pregnancy

A Narrative Approach

If you choose to take a narrative approach, you will be almost writing a story about teenage pregnancy. It is often used if you are writing a case study style thesis or if you have had an assignment set for your end of term where you needed to interview someone to write about his or her own experiences.

Problem and Solution Approach

This method of writing is tackled by presenting your topic as a problem or a question. For example, you could ask, “What effect does teenage pregnancy have on young women who are trying to get through college?” This would give you a question to answer, so in your main body, you should then keep referring to this question so that you answer it eventually for your reader.

Argumentative Approach

The argumentative approach means writing from a particular angle. You could give the argument for teenage pregnancy in your introduction for example “How teenage pregnancy helps women to learn about responsibilities earlier in life.” Or you could argue against it “Why should the issue of teenage pregnancies be talked about more often?” This clearly shows the reader that you are for or against teenage pregnancy and whether or not the reader agrees, it is your job to persuade the reader that your views and perspectives hold merit. It should be based on facts, and you should give plenty of figures and research statistics if possible.

These are just some approaches to structuring and composing your dissertation on teenage pregnancies. Whether you are writing for an end of term piece of college homework or if you are a freelance writer completing a job for a client, you should think carefully about how you compose your writing.

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