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How To Create An Excellent 3 Paragraph Essay About Summer

Descriptive essays require the writer to take in all of the sights and sounds and find appropriate language to paint an accurate picture for the reader. Let us explore the topic of summer. In order to effectively write about it one must identify its characteristics: What it feels like, what usually takes place during this period and the writer him or herself feels about it.

The first paragraph should be dedicated to describing the atmosphere. Talk about the weather and how it affects the surroundings. Similes, metaphors and adjectives should be used liberally. The goal of essay writing is to share a picture or concept with the readers in a manner that allows them to see things through your eyes. Discuss in detail the sights associated with this time of year. Find original ways of describing the heat and it effects on the environment.

The second paragraph should look at the various sports and activities that the warm weather facilitates. During the July and August months the heat is ideal for swimming, ballgames and just about any kind of outdoor activity. These activities should be described in detail and a connection between the weather and the opportunities for these activities should be made. Summer is also synonymous with school being out so children should be included in the narrative. Their excitement, their parents’ frustration, summer camp, socializing etc.

In the third and final paragraph the writer should discuss their personal feelings about the season. For some people summer is a period of boredom with little to do if there are no planned activities. For those who are not fortunate enough to have passed all their necessary courses to graduate, summertime also means the dreaded summer school and only being able to observe the freedom being experienced by ones peers. For most this is a time for relaxation and fun include these feelings in your essay to give it that personal touch.

An essay on this particular subject is one of the easiest to write. Past experiences coupled with moments inspired by descriptions in books and depictions within movies create a wealth of content which one can draw from. If at any time you feel stuck, don’t be afraid to ask someone close to you about their experiences and incorporate these into your essay. As with all other essays be mindful of spelling and grammar mistakes and have fun with it!

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