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Choosing Winning Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Middle School

Middle school students often don’t know how to choose a winning topic for their cause and effect essays. These assignments should explain why something happened and what exactly happened as a result. In writing these essays, students learn how to organize and discuss their thoughts in a proper way. To come up with a good topic, you must understand what it should look like. The following characteristics are typical for a cause and effect essay topic:

  • You can formulate a strong thesis statement under a chosen idea.
  • The topic can be supported by available data and evidence.
  • It’s clear what is a cause and what is an effect.
  • The idea is narrow enough to be developed within the scope of an essay.
  • You intend to describe a specific situation or set of situations.

Once you’ve realized what characteristics you should keep in mind, it’s a good idea to look through a list of sample cause and effect essay topics for middle school. This list contains winning topic ideas to get inspired:

  1. The main reasons why students cheat during tests.
  2. Why did you do the most stupid thing in your life?
  3. The effect of a best friend on your life.
  4. How does poverty affect an individual?
  5. Why is one middle school course more interesting, compared to another?
  6. The causes and effects of water pollution in rural areas.
  7. Why do students hate working on math homework?
  8. Why do you keep a pet?
  9. How do computers influence our everyday activities?
  10. The reasons why many people still don’t carry a mobile phone.
  11. Why do people hire financial consultants?
  12. The influence of electronic books on the publishing industry.
  13. Why do adults like watching animated movies?
  14. The most dangerous effects of stress on students in middle school.
  15. The reasons to move to a new city or town.
  16. Why do a growing number of individuals shop online?
  17. Why is history homework so boring?
  18. The reasons for steady growth in the cost of higher education.
  19. The long-term problems arising from eating fast food.
  20. The influence of art on your life.

If you like one of the ideas mentioned above, you should prepare a short essay outline and visit your teacher in order to get your topic approved. Make sure that you know what you want to write about, realize how to format the paper correctly, and remember the due date.

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