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How to Purchase An Inexpensive College Essay 

Many students today don’t have the time to manage the incredible writing related workload that college instructors assign. Instead, they supplement their own work with purchased essays. Here’s how to buy an inexpensive essay for college:

  1. Learn about the online writing services available.
  2. Find a few different services that are well established and offer good references. It’s still tricky sometimes to avoid scams, so you’ll want to be sure that the service you choose is on the up and up. Avoid brand new services or those that have rates that are unrealistically low.

  3. Talk to a service representative.
  4. Whether via phone, email, or IM, talk to a service representative for each service that interests you. Ask the following questions:

    • Are there writers at your service that specialize in my topic?
    • What extra charges can be accrued during the process of writing?
    • What is the process for revisions, if requested? What is the turn around? What fees are incurred?

  5. Negotiate a price.
  6. Find out how their prices are calculated. If it’s by page, find out if that includes title page, reference page, etc. There may be parts of the assignment you’re willing to do yourself in order to reduce the price.

  7. Provide information for the assignment.
  8. Once you’ve chosen a service to work with, provide them with all of the necessary information to complete the assignment. This should include:

    • The assignment itself, word for word. Scan the assignment if you don’t have a digital copy.
    • Any texts assigned in class that are necessary to complete the assignment (for example, articles, chapters from your textbooks, etc.).
    • The topic or thesis statement you wish to have the assignment use.
    • Access to sources you want included in the assignment.
    • Any additional instructions or preferences your instructor has mentioned or would like you to follow.
    • Information regarding the formal style to be used for the essay.

  9. Keep in contact.
  10. Ask for updates throughout the writing process. If you pay up front, you can also request drafts of the essay as it is completed. If you think anything is questionable about the drafts, ask for them to be revised and fixed prior to the final draft. Most writers are more willing to make changes earlier on in the process rather than when the assignment is finished; once they’ve finished it, they may have new projects scheduled.

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