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The Best Proposal Essay Topics: 15 Unique Writing Prompts

A proposal essay is where you project a proposal explaining why it will work where others are not. The best thing is its versatility; you can actually vary the degree of change you seek in an incumbent establishment; from mild to severe change to entire upheaval.

The potent lines

Now, the proposal essays get triggered with the help of writing prompts. They are nothing but crafty and potent lines which define the texture of the upcoming essay. Here is a look-in at 15 writing prompts which may help in tilling the whole essay.

  1. While the existing educational system has shown steadiness and efficacy; it clearly is riddled with holes when seen from a vantage point.
  2. While corporal punishment surely engenders fear in the minds of potential assassins, it verily defeats the humane aspect and makes the law abiders stoop to the levels of the convicts.
  3. The story of medical negligence roots from the levels of miscommunication that still rattles healthcare centers.
  4. YouTube has surely come as a great tool for promotional wares for companies; but it is also encouraging movie piracy in a huge manner.
  5. While steroids surely enhance the performances of sportsmen; endorsement of the same by these celebrities wrongly establishes it as a household brand.
  6. While setting up solar panels on a Herculean scale may be expensive; it is surely the best process for the future.
  7. Online education offers the students enormous benefit in form of flexible timings and round the clock accessibility of faculty members.
  8. While Internet can teach you the tricks to cook delicacies; it cannot offer you the practical experience that physical chefs may essay out.
  9. While the rising population has made it necessary to create more lands for construction; it should not be at the cost of rainforest deforestation which will sprout enormous dreadful issues.
  10. Professional photographers can essay out a portfolio for would-be brides with such unique perspective that is hard to emulate by rookie cameramen.
  11. While there are language barrier issues with multicultural offices; there are too many pluses of merging pools of talent from different regions.
  12. Car fuels surely make our lives convenient but they do great damage to the environment and create immense pollution.
  13. The casinos have thought of attractive strategies to inveigle the youth brigade into its womb; but there is a clear ailment peeping out.
  14. Freelancers may well but they do not get the facility of pension or retirement benefits and this should be sorted out.
  15. While sex education is an inveterate part of kid’s development, it is also propagating means of teen pregnancy.

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