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Top 20 Discursive Essay Topics: A List Of Excellent Suggestions

Discursive essay writing is similar to argumentative or persuasive essay writing. You need a topic that presents a good argument but you have a position you feel firm about, while presenting both sides of the issue. This can be a tricky paper to write but it allows the writer to explore different sides of the issue at hand. Here are some pointers to help you think about a good discursive essay topic along with sample ideas to consider.

Finding the Right Discursive Essay that Offers Good Argument

You can find good ideas based on thinking about what will present a good argument. There are various ways to help you get inspired to choose a good topic. Consider sources such as the internet, newspapers and radio to name a few. There are stories and issues in the media on a regular basis that present arguments in which people take a side. This is an important aspect to consider in your selection as you need to be able to produce a clear argument from both sides.

20 Discursive Essay Topic Ideas for Your Assignment

Your interests will make it easier to select an essay topic. Think about issues you feel strongly about and how your opinion can be of significance compared to others. Here are 20 general discursive essay ideas to encourage your own topic.

  1. Should men be able to get pregnant?
  2. Should schools do more to discourage sexual activity among youth?
  3. Smokers deal with more stress than non-smokers.
  4. Junk food is better than missing meals.
  5. Coping with stress is better with humor.
  6. College students should be required to live on campus.
  7. Employees can work better with forced dress code.
  8. Social media hurts how people communicate to each other.
  9. Bullying can encourage better confidence.
  10. A bully should face legal consequences.
  11. Newspapers should stop being printed.
  12. Diet promotion should be banned.
  13. Celebrities should not show support to political parties.
  14. Voting should not be optional.
  15. Mothers should stay home with children instead of working outside the home.
  16. Media should restrict reporting standards on acts of violence.
  17. Music glorifying life of crime should be banned.
  18. Violent video games should be banned.
  19. An atheist lives a better life than those who believe in a religion.
  20. Teachers should be paid more money.

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