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Essay Tips: Be Attentive To Paragraph Construction And Order

A Paragraph

This is a collection of related sentences that are meant to deal with one theme or idea. It is a piece of writing whereby readers need to coherently connect in a bid to form the different kind of assignments for example; essays, articles, novels, books, stories and research papers. Proper arrangement of your sentences will help make sense in your research paper. It’s therefore essential to arrange them in a specific order from the start to the end.

Paragraph construction and structure can be a determinant factor for an essay’s performance. There are several techniques that can guide you into perfectly turning them into good paragraphs that are correctly ordered. This article describes the ways in which you can easily achieve this without having to undergo hustles here and there.

Repeat phrases or keywords

You will be required to clearly identify and define whatever it is in a consistent way. Your theory and/or ideas should have an order with which they follow. Otherwise, your reader will not be able to follow your paragraphs, won’t locate the introduction or even find your description hence resulting in poor evaluation. If you fail to bring a certain point out clearly as it should, its importance in the essay will be null and void.

Creating parallel structure

You can easily do this by creating two or more sentences or phrases with similar grammatical structure and make use of similar parts of speech. Creating parallel structures mean your sentences will read clearly and easily. Try repeating the patterns for consecutive sentences which mean you give your reader the chance to connect with the ideas.


Being consistent in your number, point view, and verb tense is a subtle but still a crucial bit of coherence. Consistencies in the use of tenses in your paragraphs can change the whole meaning and intended purpose of your essay. Also, your reader will find it difficult in following your arguments.

Writing can be defined as the visual presentation of ideas and thoughts. The more your sentences are logical the better and clearer your writing will become. Evaluating your logic while writing as you revise will help you handle your paragraphs well.

A paragraph should be concise, short and easy to understand.

Your paper should be broken in bits so that it doesn’t seem confusing to your reader. Great paragraphs have an average of 3-5 sentences. It will also be even easier for you as the writer of your paper to manage the content and understand what you have put down. A paragraph structure is a roadmap to great ideas and guides for both the reader and yourself.

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