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How To Compose A Great Illustrative Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide

An illustrative essay is more difficult and more complex than a normal one. Sure, the general idea is the same but you need to use actual examples and facts to illustrate a general idea. For this, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Follow this guide to find out some of them.

  • Choose a suitable topic. You need to make sure that it is not only easy to explore, but also easy to be illustrated with actual facts. Anything that is vague or unclear is not suitable. This kind of essay is not based on your own opinion or feelings, but more on exact evidence.
  • Find the facts. Once you have your topics, you need to find the right way to approach it. The best way is to analyze the topic using your own words, based on the facts or information that you found. Always be objective and do not deviate from the topic.
  • Take care of the structure. This is not a normal essay, therefore the structure must be a little bit different. Make sure you start a new paragraph for each fact you are analyzing and do not forget to put your own conclusion at the end. If you do not know a good way to structure this kind of essay, you can find free templates on the internet. However, choose carefully because some of them might have mistakes.
  • Watch your grammar. The grammar in this essay is as important as anywhere else. Do not allow small errors to appear in your paper; if you can’t correct them all while writing, dedicate a day after you have finished your paper just to verify the grammar and the punctuation.
  • Ask for feedback. After you have the final draft of your paper, ask your teacher to read it and to tell you his opinion. He is the most suitable person to tell you what is wrong and what is good in your paper.
  • Do not limit yourself. You can build your paper on all kind of evidence. Facts, scientific papers, researches, experiments that you’ve made by yourself. You have the opportunity to create a very complex paper where you can really bring a new perspective over certain things. Do not use the same common facts that all your classmates are using. Be original and make some additional research. For sure your professor will appreciate the effort.

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