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Things To Consider Before Writing An Argumentative Essay On Animal Testing

An argumentative essay is an interesting academic assignment that requires the student to take a position on some issue and defend it using strong arguments. Your teacher may give you a task to write an argumentative paper on the topic of animal testing. Before you start writing, there are several things that you should learn about.

Things to Know for Writing a Great Argumentative Essay

  1. You should take a firm stance.
  2. Decide whether you’re for or against animal testing. Once you’ve made your decision, you should follow the chosen direction. If you cannot determine whether you believe in your own arguments, you won’t be able to persuade anybody in them, even with decent evidence.

  3. You should find strong evidence.
  4. The difference between persuasive and argumentative papers is that in an argumentative writing, you shouldn’t only write in a persuasive manner, but also support your statements with real facts and statistics.

  5. You should compose a clear thesis statement.
  6. The reader should clearly understand your position and the purpose of your academic work. A thesis should express these two points. It should be composed carefully so that you can connect each of your arguments to it.

  7. You should draw the reader’s attention in the introduction.
  8. One of the main goals of the opening paragraph is to make the reader get interested in your paper. Start the introduction with a good hook. Present some fact related to animal testing that illustrates your point of view. Then, you should describe your topic more clearly and state your thesis.

  9. You should present your evidence in the body.
  10. The body is where you list all your arguments and support each of them with factual proof. Discuss each argument and its evidence in a separate paragraph. You may describe a counterargument too, but make sure to prove that your arguments are stronger.

  11. You should summarize everything in the conclusion.
  12. The easiest way to make a good conclusion is to restate your thesis and topic sentences from the body paragraphs to remind the reader about each of your points. Finish your essay with a memorable sentence that will stimulate your audience to think about the problem that you’ve discussed.

Proofreading and Editing

Remember that it’s very difficult to compose a good paper on the first attempt. You may need to proofread and edit your draft several times before your paper will be ready for the submission. Look through your text very carefully and eliminate all grammar mistakes and spelling errors that you notice.

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