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Basic Hints On How To Compose An Illustration Essay On Friendship

An illustration essay is allows you to illustrate your beliefs, your attitudes or your thoughts on a piece of work, a character in a play or an aspect of someone’s behavior.

One of the best things about writing an illustration essay is that there is a method that you can use to write a very successful essay, doing your creative writing job.

  1. Decide what you want to say about friendship. Is there one particular element that you want to define? Think about what you want to say and what particular aspects that you can use to support this element of friendship.
  2. At the same time, think about three key words or phrases that you many use to support you belief in the idea. Is it loyalty, respect or something else? These key words will target your thesis statement.
  3. At this point you may be ready to start writing your introductory paragraph. Start with one or two sentences that give an overview of friendship and its many qualities. You need to make reference to your thesis statement.
  4. Move on to discussing why not everyone may agree with the qualities or elements that you have highlighted. Why do you think that others may not share your opinions?
  5. As you already have the essential elements for your essay through the thesis statement made up of the three key reasons, you have the outline for the three supporting paragraphs in the main section of your essay.
  6. So if you chose loyalty as a key word (or phrase) as an aspect of friendship, you would then write three points that would show how loyalty supports your thesis. Then do the same for the second and third key points.
  7. Each paragraph should contain two or three sentences that illustrate why this quality will relate to your thesis. This should then be followed by three sentences that give examples of friendship that can be attributed to the claim.
  8. Each of the three paragraphs need two conclude with a sentence that will echo how the examples that you have used are good examples of the qualities that you have attributed to friendship.
  9. The concluding paragraph needs to draw all of the elements together. You should have at least two or three sentences that point out the specific examples of friendship that you have used in you essay.
  10. Finish the concluding paragraph by writing at least two concluding sentences that will give your reasons that have lead you to draw your conclusions about the most important qualities of friendship.

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