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Crafting A Compare And Contrast Essay On Native Americans

It's that time of the year when your professor assigns you an assignment on comparing and contrasting the different Native American peoples of history. You think to yourself about how long you can put off this assignment. Don't think this way! This can actually be one of the coolest assignments you will ever receive in your education and you might not know it yet. Within history, there have been countless tribes with great history. You might even learn that what you were taught in previous education levels was completely wrong!

Begin your research for your essay by looking into different tribes. Maybe you have an area that you would like to know about the history more. You can go online and search for tribes by state to narrow down the results. Say you choose a tribe where the reservation is nearby your location. Try getting an insider's scoop. Don’t do all your research from the computer if the descendants are still around today. Make a few calls to learn history, Native American people are very proud of their heritage and are usually more than happy to share it with others. Another thing to try is to go to a local museum. Most of the time, local museums will have a display dedicated to the original people of the area. There you can find information on their lifestyles, history, and how they benefited the location. Another great place to go to gather information is a public library. There they will have a broad spectrum of books on your desired topic and all you have to do is check them out for free and read through them.

When choosing the tribe you want to compare and contrast the other to, look into the tribe's history. Do they have a tribe that they allied with in times of need? Maybe one tribe had excess materials and they often traded with the other to benefit both tribes. Maybe they had an enemy tribe. Find out what made them have bad relations and if the issues were every fully resolved. If not, what happened?

Go as deep as you can with your research. The deeper you go, the better your research paper will be. Your grade will reflect your hard work and you may create an experience you will never forget. Have fun with this assignment, most likely it will be the only one you will ever get like it.

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