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A List of Great Persuasive Essay Topics About Sports

For any sports fan who is a student, you couldn’t get a better topic to write about than sports. For a real fan, you couldn’t get any better topic than a persuasive one to write on. Who wouldn’t want to try and persuade others to take the side of their very favorite team? Even with that in mind, though it may be a passion for some, it could be a bit more difficult for some people to come up with a particular topic to write about. So I will write a list of possible persuasive sports topics to write about.

  1. Why sports is an important part of life. For many people, sports are not a major element of life, so it may be important to show others what about sports is so important. Perhaps one could show the sense of sportsmanship and competition, and how it is important in learning skills to get ahead in life.
  2. Why drugs are unsuitable for athletes. Maybe people don’t understand why athletes use drugs and why this is bad. For an essay topic, it could be good to show why drugs degrade the sport and make the competition less authentic than it would otherwise be with a natural competition.
  3. What are the benefits of a sports team? Showing how being on a sports team can create camaraderie and a sense of friendship is a very good topic to write on.
  4. What are the best football teams? Here would be a very good argumentative essay topic that could be used to persuade others to your side.
  5. How sports can be a good career. For many people, it may seem out of reach but for a good essay topic one could show what it takes to make a career athlete.
  6. How do video games compare with real live sports? For many people playing a video is enough sports for them, but you may show others with your essay that playing real sports is much better.
  7. What is the best sport to play? Certainly another possible point of contention due to opinion, but you could make your ideas known and show why it is you feel that your favorite sport is the best to play.

These are but a few of the possible topics you could use for a great persuasive sports essay, though there are plenty more you could use. Just search the internet, and you’ll never run out of ideas!

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