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How To Write THE BEST Academic Paper

Do you want to become a better academic paper writer? Today, we are revealing our top advice for writing the best academic paper of all time.

  1. Put Your Personality In The Paper
  2. Academic papers do not have to be dull. It is possible to include a little bit of personality in your paper and still have it be accurate.

    In fact, instructors in both High School and College have stated that they prefer papers that have a bit of character. “I like when students include a bit of humor” one said. Another said that “I routinely give witty students A’s”

  3. Create A Unique Thesis
  4. There are hundreds upon hundreds of academic papers written by students each year. The best way to set your apart is by composing a very unique thesis that has not been written on before. It is a good idea to be creative and come up with a unique point of view when composing your thesis statement.

    “I get sick of seeing the same thesis rewritten over and over again” Once college English instructor stated. “Even if a student’s thesis is a bit absurd I always give them credit for having the gumption to defend it with facts”

    This just goes to show that instructors prefer theses that they haven’t heard before. Don’t just copy the same thesis as someone else, make sure that you write an original one of your own.

  5. Use Original Examples and Research
  6. Lastly, when you are writing your paper and conducting your research try to use examples that will ad to the quality of your paper. When looking for research documents to defend your argument, make an effort to use original examples. For instance don’t use your student textbook. Instead read books from the library on the topic that you are writing on and use these as your sources. Make sure that you cite your sources accurately so that your instructors and stay away from unreliable resources on the Internet.

Believe it or not it is possible to write a better academic paper. If you take your time and follow these 3 excellent pieces of advice you will find yourself earning higher grades than you ever could of imagined. Consult with your instructors for advice on how to improve your writing and never under estimate the power of good proofreading and editing.

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