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10 Useful Tips For Writing A College Essay About John Hopkins

John Hopkins, the noted 20th century English academic, is a popular choice for college essay application writing. Besides having an extraordinary life, John Hopkins made tremendous contributions to education, something that many admissions committee members want to see in evaluating your own personality and character. Here are 10 useful tips for writing a great college essay about John Hopkins:

  1. Develop a plan of attack
  2. Organization is an essential key in this type of written assignment. Develop a good plan of attack with manageable tasks and detailed schedule. This will ensure you aren’t trying to get everything done in the last minute.

  3. Do some preliminary research
  4. You should do some preliminary research online to get some ideas about the major or most significant parts of John Hopkins’ life or ideas. You don’t need to cite this information but it should give bigger picture of what you can focus on in your paper.

  5. Do some in-depth research
  6. Do a little more digging. Take your preliminary notes and start focusing on some things you want to learn more about. You don’t need to spend days doing research but you should at least spend one evening reading through academic resources.

  7. Focus on a single topic
  8. Generally, you’re going to have limited space to make your case, so it’s important that you focus on just a single topic so that you don’t get overwhelmed by not presenting enough detail in any one area.

  9. Make sure it meets requirements
  10. Reread the college essay prompt and compare it with your topic idea. Does your topic meet all of the requirements? If not, you need to go back and find information that will answer every part of the prompt.

  11. Create an outline and thesis
  12. Take your notes and ideas and create an outline for your paper, as well as a draft thesis statement to guide your argument. Keep your outline next to you as you write the first draft to help keep on track.

  13. Start free writing your paper
  14. Don’t wait to get started on a first draft. A lot of students leave the assignment to the last minute and as a result submit poorly written applications. Don’t worry about getting stuff done write the first time. Just get to writing.

  15. Revise the paper’s content
  16. Sticking with your work plan you should have time to set your college essay for a few days before you starting your revisions. This will help you approach your work critically so that you can effectively improve the content.

  17. Edit and proofread your work
  18. A poorly written paper that is filled with grammar, spelling or punctuation errors will come off as unprofessional. Don’t miss out on your last chance to make a good impression. Spend plenty of time editing and proofreading your entire work.

  19. Get some outside advice
  20. Lastly, don’t forget to have someone else review your paper so that you can receive some unbiased advice for improvement. A friend or a parent will be tremendously helpful, but also consider an English teacher or college advisor for assistance.

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